Venice by boat at sunset

Experience the magic of Venice at sunset on an exclusive boat tour, surrounded by breathtaking views and accompanied by a special toast.

The Venice Sunset Tour: An Exciting Journey between Islands, Breathtaking views and Toasts

Tour Burano Venezia


Discovering the Lagoon Islands

We will cross the enchanting lagoon islands of Venice during this sunset tour.

We will sail between the islands of Murano, San Erasmo and Burano, immersing ourselves in their fascinating history and admiring the unique beauty that these islands offer, as we approach the awaited moment of sunset.



Descend to visit the island of Burano

There will be an opportunity to visit this island in a different atmosphere :  more romantic and relaxing.

Being far from the time when there are crowds of visitors while the sun sets over Venice, with the sunset tinging with warm colors the lagoon and the surrounding islands. You can visit it in complete peace and take photos in the most suggestive points, that at peak time would be impossible.


Venezia tramonto tour


A toast to celebrate Venice


Immerse yourself in a romantic and relaxing atmosphere while the sun sets over Venice, with the sunset tinging with warm colors the lagoon and the surrounding islands.

Let yourself be enveloped by the background music that will accompany these unforgettable moments and get ready to live a pleasant surprise, designed specifically to make your tour at sunset even more special.

Summing up the Venice Sunset Tour

Sail through the fascinating lagoon islands of Venice, such as Murano, San Erasmo and Burano, immersing yourself in their unique history and beauty.

Discover the island of Burano in a more romantic and relaxing atmosphere, far from the crowds of visitor.

Enjoy the Venetian sunset in a scenic spot of the lagoon, accompanied by background music and a romantic atmosphere, with a toast as the goes down on Venice and its wonder. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The tour takes about 3 hours, enough time to visit the islands and enjoy the sunset in all its glory.

Sure! When we are on board we will stop at several viewpoints where you will have plenty of time to capture every special moment of these breathtaking views.

Yes, the tour is suitable for families and children over 4 years, but remember that the atmosphere is meant to be romantic and relaxing.

The surprise is a small gift for our guests to make the tour even more special. A typical Venetian toast at sunset.

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