Enjoy the authentic experience with our Murano and Burano Tour

Discover the art of glass and lace, as well as the fascinating places of the most iconic islands of the lagoon, in a family atmosphere, with passionate guides.

Explore Murano: Where the Tradition of the art of Glass takes shape

Tour Murano Vetreria


Murano Glassworks: Magic and Mastery in the Art of Glass

In our Murano Tour you will have the unique opportunity to visit a historic glassworks of the island, included in the price of the package.

Here, you can get up close to the extraordinary glass making process, watching the master glassmakers at work as they transform the incandescent material into beautiful artistic creations.



Enchanting Landscapes: The Islands of Vignole and Sant'Erasmo

In the second stage of our tour we will take you to discover two of the most characteristic islands of the Venetian lagoon: the island of Vignole and the island of San Erasmo.

During the journey, you will have the opportunity to admire the unique beauty of these enchanting places and immerse yourself in the evocative atmosphere of the lagoon.


Tour Burano Venezia


Burano: Discovering the island and its traditions

Once in Burano, you can enjoy breathtaking views and be enchanted by the bright colors of the colorful houses and the authentic charm of this Venetian island.

Feel the history and the local culture while walking among a multitude of colors, visiting the shops and the Venetian lace museum and tasting the typical products of the tradition.

Summing up The Murano and Burano Islands Tour Unforgettable and Full of Emotions

Art and glass craftsmanship: Visit a historic Murano glassworks, admire the glass making process and discover the creations of master glassmakers.

Discover the lagoon islands: Cross the enchanting islands of Vignole and San Erasmo, immerse yourself in the lagoon atmosphere and admire the breathtaking views as you navigate between Murano and Burano

Explore the city of Burano: Stroll through the colorful buildings, bridges and canals, enjoying the history and local culture of the island.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Murano Tour includes a visit to a historic glassworks on the island, where you can admire the glass making process and the creations of master glassmakers; and the exploration of the city of Burano, with its colorful buildings, bridges and canals, crossing the suggestive islands of Vignole and San Erasmo, immersing yourself in the lagoon atmosphere and enjoying breathtaking views.

The Murano Tour lasts about 5 hours, offering a rich and engaging experience that will allow you to discover the beauty of the Venetian islands and the tradition of glass art and lace.

To ensure an intimate and familiar experience, the groups of the Murano Tour consist of a maximum of 11 people. This allows us to devote the utmost attention to participants and to offer a more thorough and enjoyable experience.

Yes, during the tour there are several stops to allow you to take photos, admire the places visited and, if you wish, buy unique and original souvenirs, such as the creations of the master glassmakers of Murano or the characteristic lace of Burano.

The tour departs from Venice or Mestre, depending on your preference. At the end of the tour, you will return to the same starting point, ensuring a comfortable and smooth experience for participants.
Possibly, if you left from Mestre but, for example, after the tour you would like to stay in Venice to continue visiting the city, we will make you get off the boat comfortably already in Venice without any problem.

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