Pellestrina and Venice Lagoon South Islands Tour

Pellestrina and Venice Lagoon South Islands Tour

Duration :   4 Hours
The Price :   60.00
Max People :    11
Start Location:   Venezia | Chioggia
Age Range :   4-99
Total Seats :  13/13
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Explore the wonders of the Southern Lagoon on a 4h tour through breathtaking views, history and unspoilt nature.

Inside the Tour you will discover:

  1. Pellestrina, Landscapes and Fortifications of the Southern Lagoon Islands
  2. MOSE Project, Safeguarding Venice and Engineering Innovation
  3. Ca’ Roman Ecological Oasis, Nature, History and Relaxation in the South Lagoon

Departure  from Venice or Chioggia

Places You’ll See :

3Mose Project


What is the duration of the Venice Lagoon South Islands Tour​?

The Southern Lagoon Islands Tour lasts about 4h, offering a complete and engaging experience in the discovery of Pellestrina and the South Lagoon.

What are the main attractions included in the Venice Lagoon South Islands Tour​?

The Southern Lagoon Islands Tour includes a visit to the island of Pellestrina, the discovery of the MOSE Project and the exploration of the ecological oasis of Ca’ Roman.

Is it possible to swim during the visit to the Ecological Oasis of Ca' Roman?

Yes, during the summer, you will have the opportunity to refresh yourself with a bath in the sandy and crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea at the Ecological Oasis of Ca’ Roman.

Where are the departure and return points for the tour located?

The tour will start from the agreed meeting point in Venice or Chioggia and will end at the same point at the end of the experience.

How many people will be in the group of the Southern Lagoon Islands Tour?

To ensure an intimate and family experience, the groups of the Southern Lagoon Islands Tour consist of a maximum of 11 people, allowing a thorough and pleasant visit.


  • Mose Project
  • Pellestrina

Why Book With Us?

  • Sail through the canals of the Southern Lagoon, admiring the sandbanks and reaching the fascinating island of Pellestrina with its typical houses and fishing boats.
  • Discover the engineering expertise of the MOSE Project, created to protect Venice from high water and floods, testifying to the commitment to the preservation of the city.
  • Visit the eco-friendly Ca Roman, where you can observe the forts of the Second World War and relax on the sandy beach, surrounded by unspoilt nature.

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